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Relief Funding - The Life Easing Grant

Multilaterally sponsored by fintechs, NGOs and philantrophists across the country. Oppfint engages everyone’s challenge and story as a peculiar voice out for help, regardless of where you fall on the socio-economic spectrum. We proffer our encompassing best in financially relieving American individuals, families and SMEs.

Funding Range - $3,500 - $85,000

Max. funding for small businesses is $500,000.

Awarded amounts differ in respect to distinct condition, context, demography, pressing issue(s) & other contributing variables of each applicant.

Funding for All

Financial Therapy

Financial concerns can ripple into all areas of your life. After all, money isn't always just about money; it can be a surrogate for stress, anxiety and trauma, too.


That has unfortunately become a reality for so many whose overall level of financial stress and worry has risen exponentially, negatively impacting their financial wellness and mental health.


Applicant and beneficiaries can optionally engage absolutely free financial therapy virtual sessions to work it out.

Our Dynamic

  1. We work with you - we walk with you.
  2. We are transparent, accountable, and responsible.
  3. We want to see you win.
  4. We have helped thousands of people achieve financial security.
  5. Unbiased funding decision.
  6. Providing the highest degree of confidentiality and local service customized to the respective individual needs.
  7. We have professional, round the clock customer service.
  8. Sophisticated services, but overly simplified for you.

14,000+ beneficiaries of OPPfint funding program

$ 0 million +

disbursed so far

As Domestic and foreign socio-economic crisis perpetuates its reigns every day, no bureaucratic segue in to analysis would ever be enough, crisis has wreaked havoc on not just healthcare, education and the economy, but it has also taken a toll on psychological and emotional well-being of individual Americans. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and many are facing an onslaught of utility and medical bills.

The plague is painting all challenged American as nothing but a member and victim of American socio-economic club. No one’s condition is seen as not copious and unprecedented. No one is peculiar anymore. This is inherently upstaging and cloaking all unforeseen challenges and circumstances that are backstabbing every day Americans.

If you’re worried about money right now, you’re not alone.
But financial anxiety isn’t exclusive to the ranks of the challenged only, as the larger part of people who allegedly have enough are on the systemic trajectory towards financial disintegration.

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After lockdown, I along with other workers were forced to accept 35% cut in our salary. I was down and depressed as I do not know where to start from. I am up, running and happy. All thanks to Oppfint.

I was almost driven out of business during and after the first wave of The Pandemic. I was at the point of huge staff cuts and almost filing for bankruptcy. Oppfint funding helped stabilize my business and keep a lot of staff employed and thus their families happy

Thank you oppfint, for real thank you. You guys’ genuine care is surreal.

All I can say is that Oppfint has changed my life in ways I cannot fully express. I was funded in less than 4 days and it really helped stirring through my hardships.

One word - incredible.


Escondido, CA

Homber Leech

Ventura, CA


Amarillo, TX


La Cruces, NM


Nassau, FL

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